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Fear in this world is very real. Today as I was taking a hike in the woods, I encountered a snake. Not a poisonous one, but a big scary scaly snake nonetheless. This struck a mighty fear into me. In my world, when we get hit with fear, we run around like fools. Sometimes we can get so scared we get feared off of a cliff or bridge, and possibly fall to our deaths. I am here to tell you, it is no different in The Real World.

The initial fear was more like a stun, as you are frozen in your tracks. Once you process this for half a second, you run. Run like the dickens… run run run. I ran, so very far and so very fast, I really didn’t care if I fell off a cliff or not. However, the adrenaline keeps you from feeling the initial pain of shoving branches out of your way or tripping over rocks and landing flat on your face. Your fear is so strong you just get back up and run some more. Where I come from, fear usually runs out about after ten seconds. Here, it lasts much longer, or certainly seems to. Then after the fear subsides, you are stuck dealing with the extra adrenaline in your system, making you shake and sometimes feel a bit queasy. Fear here, is so much worse.

Sometimes, as was my case today, you are also faced with social ramifications of being feared. Mostly harmless, but a blow to the ego just the same. As I made my way out of the woods back into the civilized world, I ran into a group of passerby. Curious as to my awkward stance and I’m quite sure the look of shock and stun on my face, they inquired “what’s up” as I continued to run pass them and yell back “no time to discuss it!” followed by a stumble on flat ground. It seems I am clumsy both in reality and in game. Who knew such traits could be converted to a virtual environment.

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As I spend more time in The Real World game, I have come to make a few discoveries. I originally thought this place completely devoid of magics. However, I have come across the [internet]. Within this web of semi-magical networks, they have what they call online shopping. Since my conjuring abilities are completely defunct in this vast land that is baron of enchantment, I have found this method of acquisition to be quite beneficial in cutting down on my shopping missions. Especially during this time of holiday giving. It is rather like the auction house of my land; I order something, then it appears within my mailbox, or on my door-step, depending on the size. Unlike the mailbox and bags of my homeland, you can’t make everything fit neatly within a bag or box. Evidently, size DOES matter…Nor does it show up instantly, though they do have [express shipping], which sometimes isn’t too incredibly expensive, and it enables my items to appear much quicker.

It is not, nonetheless, completely magical. I have attempted to log onto [online banking]. It is seriously lacking funds. I tried to simply type in a higher number, or make a deposit, but I seem to be missing some essential reagents that appear to be rare drops. To help alleviate this, I have been informed that I should farm for [coupons]. I am not aware of such a drop, I will have to look into that later. Supposedly, some are conjured within my mail box, commonly known as [junk mail]. But unlike my world, junk is not easily vendored here. Right now I am highly confused…I will have to get back to you on this junk mail and coupon business. I miss my bartering buff!

It’s not just the shopping though, everything here is so much slower. I can’t read an entire book by simply opening the cover, I have to read the entire thing, page by page, which can take some time. And don’t get me started on cooking. Though I have been using the [microwave oven]. It seems to prepare meals quicker than the version of fire they use in this land. However, I’m not convinced it is an entirely healthy method of food preparation. It also seems that eating is necessary for survival. From where I come, food gives us bonus stats. All it seems to do here is stop my stomach from growling, then later decides to leave my body. I will NOT get into that discussion with you though, lets just say it is a nuisance more than anything else.

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During today’s challenge, I had to encounter a coworker with an incredible stun ability. Now, the thing about mobs and bosses in this world — they have no cast bar, so even if I could use a magical interrupt, I have no way of knowing ahead of time when a mob will decide to use an ability. In this instance, I was having what should have been a productive conversation with a fellow worker concerning work related stuff (trying not to get too specific here, am I doing a good job?). However, she countered my objective mid-conversation. As we were in a  normal conversational flow, and I had a response to her response to my response to her response to my response to her response, and I was awaiting her next response…. she stood up and walked out. This is not the first time this mob has used this ability. I know that it can come at any time, yet it still stuns me. It is one of those long 20-second jaw-dropping stuns. It is just so shocking that there is not much to be done about it. I can’t dispel it, obviously, so what was I to do? If I had been in a dps spec, I surely could have chased her down and fought back, demanding a finish to the conversation. But since I was in a healing spec, well, I couldn’t exactly run after her and try to pull aggro again. I let her wander off, to be confronted another time, possibly when I can bring an ally for back-up…